Big Boss 14 – Housemates gang up against Nikki; Abhinav refuses to help Rubina

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Big Boss 14, day 4, October 7,

The episode begins with everyone waking up on the track ‘Adat Se Majbur’. They start discussing the essential things they want from the BB mall. Eijaz says the people who have not taken anything should give first priority. Nikita reveals that she is missing her ex-boyfriend, so wants to order his shirt and lower.

Meanwhile, Siddharth starts pulling Rubina’s leg over breaking the rules. Then, everyone begins pitching for things they want from the mall and get into the war of words to take their necessary things. The seniors enjoy their arguments. Talking about Nikki, Rubina tells Nishant that contestants give undue attention to Nikki.

Nikki stands by her word and doesn’t want to compromise for anyone. Pavitra says Eijaz, that he shouldn’t give Nikki unnecessary attention. Pavitra feels Nikki is disrespectful towards everyone in the house. Nikki tries to put her issue in front of Gauhar, as she advises her to adjust with others.

Pavitra shares her opinion with Gauhar and vents out her anger about Nikki’s attitude. Gauhar, announces that nobody will get lunch until they take the decision mutually.

Shehzad and pavitra have seen requesting Nikki to adjust and give up her priorities for a day. Eijaz and Shehzad lose their temperature on Nikki. Hina tells Siddharth that Eijaz has a soft corner for Nikki. At last, Nishat negotiates with Nikki and accepts to give up his items, with an assurance that she will not take anything from BB mall the next day. However, other contestants decide not to fall in Nikki’s trap and start fighting with Nishat for his step.

Later, at 1.45 pm, as Abhinav was the winner of the first task and was immune, the big boss gives him an opportunity to remove the ‘rejected’ tag from Rubina, and get her back in the house. But for this, he will have to sacrifice his immunity, however, Abhinav refuses to give up his immunity. Abhinav asks Rubina to stay strong as everyone will try to break her.

Senior Siddharth convinces Nikki to compromise on her things today, and take whatever she wants on the following day. Finally, Nikki announces that she is ready to surrender. Next, talking about love life, Gauhar asks Siddharth about his bond with Shehnaaz in Big Boss 13.

Later, Big Boss gives another opportunity to the girls to earn immunity in the next task. Name of the task is ‘Love Island’. Wherein all the girls will try to impress Siddharth. The task is divided into three rounds and Sidharth will eliminate one girl after every round. Hina and Gauhar will give some tips to the ladies.

At 5.55 pm, the task begins. First-round is the Tattoo Parlor round wherein the girls try to impress tattoo artist that is Siddharth with their talks. Pavitra is the first girl and she tries to approach Siddharth and gets a wild tattoo on her upper body and gives a kiss on Siddharth cheeks for the tattoo. Next, Sara gets a heart tattoo and does some general talk with Siddharth. But the tattoo doesn’t turn out well. Next girl is Nikki to get the tattoo, Nikki explains Siddharth how she is better than other contestants. Jasmin and Siddharth exchange some flirty talks. Then, Rubina compliments Siddharth for being handsome and good looking.

At the end of the first round, Siddharth eliminates Sara. He clarifies about being uncomfortable and that’s why he took that decision. All the other girls are taken to the second round of the task.

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