BIGG BOSS 14 : Is it the end of Rahul and Pavitra’s friendship?

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Bigg Boss is a game where it is very difficult to decide the fate or future of any relationship. And in the fourteenth season where the drama quotient is soaring high, the circumstances of the houses are such that the contestants get indulged into a fight even when they are least expected to.

And the latest duo to be on the loggerheads is, Rahul and Pavitra. The duo which started on a very good note got in an ugly verbal spat where Pavitra blamed for not cleaning the toilet properly, Rahul defends himself by saying he has done his job properly.

Initially, Pavitra came and gave an earful to Rahul by saying that there are tissue papers beneath the jet spray. Rahul says that it shouldn’t bother her as the rest of the area is clean. Later on when the duo got into a fight, Rahul asked Pavitra to do her kitchen properly to which Pavitra said, you’re eating the food made by me from the past 4 days.

What do y’all think? Is it the end of their friendship or they will bounce back to the same place where they were before. For more updates stay tuned.

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