BIGG BOSS 14 : Nikki earns the hatred of other female contestant in the immunity task

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In the upcoming promo of Bigg Boss 14, Bigg Boss gives an opportunity to the female contestants to save themselves from the nomination. The task which was named ‘Sids beach cafe’ in which the fresher girls were appointed as the waitresses. Sidharth Shukla was given the duty of filling up soft drink in the glasses and the girls had to take care of their respective trays by taking care of the glasses.

In the start, Jasmin, Nikki and Pavitra get their glasses filled and Nikki’s glass falls resulting in spilling of the entire drink in the tray. She then went on to push Pavitra which ultimately resulted in her glasses falling down too. An angry Pavitra then says “Now since one has done wrong, so everyone has to face the punishment for it”

Pavitra then goes and pushes Jasmin due to which her glasses fall down too. Jasmin was later seen telling Nikki “If you come near me, I’ll kick you hard”. She later then told Pavitra “Any which ways the the glasses have fallen off. You two will get nothing by destroying mine”. But Pavitra still comes and pushes Jasmin’s tray which results in it slipping out of her hand and falling on the ground.

Pavitra was then seen quarreling with Nikki amd blaming her for foul play. Nikki was defending herself by saying, That’s what my strategy is.

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