BIGG BOSS 14 : Salman gets pissed off with the perfomance of the housemates asks them to pack their bags and leave, Nishant gets the tag of the most fake contestant

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In the upcoming promo of Bigg Boss 14 we will see the show’s host Salman Khan asking the housemates to leave as they all are sub-standardizing themselves and are not playing the game. On the other hand, Nishant gets the tag of the most fake person inside the house by the seniors.

Salman who seemingly was upset with the perfomance of the housemates said in a very sarcastic way that, for the very first time in the history of Bigg Boss this has happened that we have got a very pure set of contestants. People here have tagged themselves as sub-standards. So looking at your perfomance, we have thereby decided to not waste our time so all you 10 contestants can pack your bags and leave.

On the other hand, Salman then told the seniors that there is a report card on which you have to name a contestant on the basis of their abilities. Eijaz gets the tag of ‘Yaha Par iska sirf mazak ban raha hai’ (The contestant who is just being made fun of) to which Salman gets surprised and tells Eijaz that he would have never taken that. To which, Eijaz says what can I do after all they are seniors to which Salman says, Even if they are senior they don’t have the right to say anything they want. Next comes, Nishant who was given the tag of the most fake contestant in the house. When asked about the same Gauahar says “In yesterday’s task initially he came forward and was slogging hard for thr immunity but later he just became neutral, so was it for the effect or her really wanted to go for the kill?”

Next was Sara who was given the tag of the ‘Isme Toh Koi Baat Hi Nahi Hai’ (The one with no spark) Sidharth was heard saying “Mujhe Sara Kuch Great Karte Huye Dikhi Hi Nahi Hai” (I never saw her doing anything great inside the house)

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