Sara Gurpal get an eye injury beacuse of Nikki’s acrylic nails

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Sara Gurpal’s unexpected eviction from Big Boss house has come as a shock to everybody. However, the current news that be painful for Sara’s fans that she got injured and hurt her eyes during the task.

In an immunity task, Singer was sitting on a bulldozer, while as per the task, Nikki Tamboli was trying to get her down and sit in that place. Nikki used some harmful products on her face and during that she rubbed her face in a way that her acrylic nails went on to hurt Sara’s eyes.

As a result of which, after the task, Sara was not able to open her eyes. Even during the eviction decision that happened between the seniors. It was seen that seniors Hina and Gauhar discuss about Sara being ill and not complaining about it.

Sara has badly injured her eye and now she is under medical treatment. The singer is even planning to fly down to her hometown.

After the task, Sara evicted from the Big Boss house. But Sara’s fans are with her and tweeting in favour of her.
“We stand with Sara Gurpal”, said a tweet while another added, ” Sara Gurpal didn’t deserve this. Worst decision ever to eliminate Sara Gurpal.”

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