Shilpa Shinde lashes out at the producers of Gangs of Filmistaan, says “Kindly stop this drama”

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       Actress Shilpa Shinde who recently created headlines for walking out of “Gangs of Filmistaan” snapped back at the producers Preeti and Neeti Simoes and also attached the screenshot of an e-mail to prove her point. 

       Initially a few days back, Shilpa gave out a statement where she stated her own reasons to quit the show and even posted a post where she wished all the best to the team of GOF. But however later Preeti gave out various statements in the media where she stated that ‘Shilpa did not inform us on her unwillingness to work with Sunil Grover’ and also blamed her for not communicating with them directly and through the media.

     Shilpa who posted the screenshots of the e-mail she had sent to Preeti on the 29th of August gave her befitting reply and also reprimanded her for giving out false statements.

In the mail which Shilpa sent at 29th, she wrote :

     “Firstly; there wasn’t a proper briefing at all. I remember asking you a couple of times about the briefing but you haven’t given me enough clarity dodging the real question by saying let’s have fun during the shoot etc. If you recall, I’d mentioned that I would not like to work with Sunil Grover simply because I don’t want to be working as a prop for the show as love to do every single tho g and there is absolutely no match to his energy. 

I learned it from outside that Sunil is part of the show and upon seeking clarity from about this news, you confirmed that his part is different than mine and we won’t be shooting together. 

I was very happy knowing the other co-stars. Who’d be part of this show without knowing what part of I would be playing and neither did you proactively told me about it! 

Another concern is one-sided contract onto which my signatures are taken but you still haven’t returned the signed acknowledgement. 

As we speak, this is not really bothering but the fact that hastily, 3 more pages were added to that contract and signatures were taken from us while shooting on the set. It isn’t ethical at all. 

As an actor, I should be given ample amount of time to read the additions, then I have a signed acknowledgement of the contract given back to me and irony is none of this happened. 

Other concerns like good, shoot timings, script have perpetually been there. Purposely our script is not up to the mark on 11th-hour changes are prompted via microphones. Not happening! 

Ideally, we are supposed to end the shoot by 7 pm and shoot actually end at 11 pm which is basically not good for anyone considering the situation outside. 

Costume fitting has been a thorough challenge. They never are a good fit. We are been told that it’s the last moment change required and you person tells you it’s apparently been approved but the fit is always pathetic. 

So many things I’ve adjusted with but it’s breaching my tolerance level now. I honestly cannot work like this in such condition we’re my basic requests are not considered. 

Let’s end this on a good and positive note and not stretch it beyond this point. I believe you’ve used. Enough of my name for this show, now let’s end it on a happy note!”

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